Our Story

When I say "our" story, what I mostly mean is my story as a 25-year-old small business owner trying to carve out a cozy corner in this universe--a corner I hope will ultimately bring joy to both me and you! My story is one that might feel familiar to many others who started a small business in 2020 at the start of a global pandemic.

At the time, I was a senior in college getting ready to graduate and apply for "adult" jobs in the corporate world, but all of my plans were quickly derailed, and I was left feeling lost, confused, and a little hopeless. I moved back home to stick out the lockdown and begin building my post-collegiate life. I took on fellowships, tutoring, volunteering, and other part-time gigs in order to fill my days and find a sense of direction, but it wasn't until July of 2020 that I began crafting my dream of opening an Etsy shop.

I think resin must have been the next thing I saw while scrolling mindlessly on my phone because within two days I had a beginner resin kit at my doorstep. And two months later, after some experimenting and plenty of second-guessing, I opened up The Golden Girl Co. for business. At the start, I was hopeful that it could eventually become a steady side-gig...While it's been nothing close to steady, it has become my full-time job and so much more. I could not be more excited for the future of The Golden Girl Co., and I am over the moon that you can be here as this story unfolds.